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I guess I should tell you about cloudcuckooland.

I am an American and we build communities. We build religious communities, retirement communities, exclusive communities, artist's communities...whatever...even artificial societies. We need to do a lot of building because we often move away. Anyway, my friends are always moving somewhere. And everybody's so busy.

Toward the end of the 20th century, many of my friends were online but either overworked or far away. I created an email list so we could communicate as a group even if we could not be in the same place at the same time. Because this conversation occurs in a non-existant place, I called the group cloudcuckooland. It is a small but varied group (about 20 members) of old friends. Sometimes we have parties. Sometimes we have fights.

I started posting links to news stories that I found interesting. Sometimes a story would spark a conversation...sometimes even an interesting conversation. Eventually these daily news articles evolved into a public weblog.

I can't say how the other cloudcuckoolanders feel about it, but it really gives me a sense of connection in this atomized world. you know a little about cloudcuckooland.